Defeat all nine bosses and see the ending!

CHEAT CODE: If you hold down the "O" and "P" keys, your shots will become 100 times more powerful!

Graphics borrowed from Layla, Higurashi When They Cry, Ranma 1/2, Tokimeki Memorial, Persona 3, & Shutterstock.

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AwesomeGameExperience . Liked and subscribed

the generous shield size combined with the somewhat large player hitbox makes for a very cool dynamic.

I loved this so much I went back and recorded a video ! I included Higu quotes for effect.


omg this rules


haha the triple layed shot sfx (i fixed that bug in the cool update so im glad its recorded for posterity lol)

They may be gone but they'll always live on in our memory

Really good stuff here 

i am haunted by junpei iori

I haven't really experienced Higurashi so I don't have deep feelings about Rena but this was really satisfying and good.

this is the game for me, a fan of rena higurashiwhentheycry


This was really fun! I enjoyed deeply the arena design and art design and everything but especially the sound design was just nuts. I actually didn't notice the Papa Johns respawn point for a long time so I reexperienced the hoverboard over and over and discovered a glitch where if I was holding fire the sound would repeat forever even after I stopped after passing one of the screen boundaries, which added a nice energy onto the already powerful energy of the end segments. I love Rena and I love this. Thank you!

Extremely good and full of powerful energies

the most beautiful game i ever did play, the ending brought a tear to my eye

Amazin'! Now I'm really glad I followed after family mansion, because this right here, is quality