A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

An exploration platformer about scaling a tower and discovering its secrets.

Takes 1-2 hours to fully complete.

Control using Z, X, and the arrow keys.

Supports controllers.

Design by Toby Alden and John Thyer.

Art by Reshma Zachariah and John Bond.

Music by Muxer.

Main menu art by Sam Alden.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(29 total ratings)
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Exploration, Female Protagonist, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, Sci-fi, Side Scroller, Singleplayer


Nymph's Tower (Release v.1.8) [Windows].zip 273 MB
Nymph's Tower (Release v1.8) [Mac].zip 285 MB

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Even with 100% pickups that last boss is a menace.

it's such an interesting design! the world would be better if we had more little platformers where moving feels weird.


Came across Flower Visit a few years ago on Twitter and just got around to playing it. I really enjoyed it so went through a few other games and really got stuck on this one. It made me feel a beautiful sense of calm that I've only ever experienced in Knytt. One of my fav experiences with a game all year, cheers.


Really fun game with great vibes. I loved exploring the world, and how areas were "naturally" gated with fuel upgrades. The final boss was kind of frustrating (took me maybe 15 attempts while every other boss took 1-3 tries) but I got it eventually. Having no other enemies besides the bosses was a neat choice, it makes the world feel kinda lonely (but in a good way). Would definitely recommend overall.


great game! 1:08:25 on my first run, which was 100% completion.

i think i basically softlocked myself on the first tower by getting higher than i was supposed to by tapping the jetpack rather than holding it. after the boss in the hole i had to tap extremely precisely to get back out.


Very well designed, I'm enjoying it much.  I'm using the mac v1.8 version and the game slows down much in the second tower, framerate seems to drop to half.


So many smart and economical design decisions with the navigation and the art. I like how you avoided having all kinds of "macguffin gates" that are so common in metroids/zeldas and instead made the progression really physical and intuitive. And the nuance to the physics was great, like how bouncing off the ceiling can be a huge problem, etc. Really lovely. 100% in around 1.5hrs


absolutely delightful! really reminded me of some of my favorite but less-influential metroidvanias, like metroid 2. and on top of that, i was very impressed by the atmosphere, especially the stuff with the harmonica… great job everyone


I'm enjoying the game a lot so far! I've hit a bit of a blocker that I'm not sure how to get around, if I could have a hint that'd be really appreciated!

(question contains spoilers)

I'm in the second tower, and I accidentally missed the item all the way in the top right hand corner of the map (not sure what it is). It's the only item left that's above the torn portion of the map, but whenever I go into the torn portion I don't think I have enough health to survive. I'm currently trying to get to the top of the tower by going through the path of the Keeper boss, but that's also a section that I think I can't get through anymore because of not enough health to get through the acid. Is there something I'm missing? 

Thanks again!

I'm having the same issue, it seems impossible if you jump down before getting it

Oh no! I think you've discovered a soft lock. Sorry about that! I'll try to patch that as soon as I can.

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Fixed in version 1.7.

(spoilers ahead)

You should be able to scale the right side of the second tower now if you have all four fuel upgrades and the gravity belt. Thanks for catching this! Your old save files should be automatically detected by and compatible with this new version.


Oh wow, thank you so much for such a fast reply! I'll download the new version and give it a try ASAP. Thanks so much for a great game!!


Great stuff! not the fastest time but the 100% was a great journey. Thanks again! 


Really great game, enjoyed it a lot :-)

getting that 100% completion sure was a nice challenge :-)


That is a masterpiece, I missed mini metrodivanias that are well designed and everything is perfect. They were common during the flash era with REDDER, Escape From the Underworld, etc.

This is incredibly designed, it is a masterpiece, of course, I got certain upgrades out of order which made my life a lot harder but overall that is amazing and rendered one of the upgrades not that much used but overall that is amazing.

You should finish and polish it and charge for it, that is an incredible game.


Agreed, I miss these sorts of metroidvania :'-(


loved it! (spoilers)

enjoyed those action setpieces with the chasing boss a lot, and the emotional world connections with the harmonica. Also lovely music and sound design. I thought the map direction was a smart choice, too.. the 2nd tower was interesting to explore, and I liked how it was still navigable by way of the item markers and your knowledge of the previous tower