Z or Space to jump.

R to restart.

Art by John Bond.

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
Made withOpenFL
Tags2D, Difficult, Level Editor, Singleplayer


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can anyone beat 24.39 on normal?

the jumping mechanics where you stop going up when you remove the key reminds me with might bomb jack and anna's anothropy take on it: Mighty Jill Off :) Overall, Well done :)

Pretty cool game, but the difficulty gap between "normal" and "hard" is way too much imho. I was able to finish "normal" right away with just 6 deaths. But in "hard" I couldn't even get on the first platform, let alone the first checkpoint.

very much stuck on stage 2 of hard :(( any tips on where to go from here?

you wanna do it like this. this trick is there's a few frames after you walk off a ledge where you can still jump, which you can take advantage of to make that first jump onto the single floating tile

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thank you so much! finished hard mode :D

love the game btw

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awesome game sound design is very nice


This game is amazing! It is full of cleverly placed obstacles and so many ways to DIE

Your best save system yet



Me beating easy mode: what's so masocore about this?
Me starting hard mode: oh

nice work as always!!


thanks marina!!