Controls: Arrow keys, Z, X

This game is a MYSTERY to be solved together!

It CAN be beaten!

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Tags2D, Dreams, Procedural Generation, Roguelike, Swords

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I've been playing this and I really like its premise and vibe, but I find many things about how it's executed really frustrating.

* First of all, all of this is colored by the zx+arrows control scheme, though I get that's a necessary evil. However, it's unwieldy for me and causes increased interactions with the below problems.

* The way all objects are wider than the character feels like it creates needless difficulty. Like, too many times I've had a jar or some other object get dropped out of my hands (or god forbid, the egg) and it just results in having to start over. The sword room also shows this off well, as about 40% of the time i've accessed the room, the sword got stuck on the sides of the Kill Pool when I was trying to exit, making me have to go back in and get it again. I especially hate the way pots are like this because they do NOT look wider than the character for a sprite game.

* I have problems killing some of the enemies. This is really, really frustrating. Like, I'll throw something at them and it just randomly doesn't work. Sometimes if the object starts to slide at all it loses its hitbox, other times I've had the same items slide all the way almost to a stop, then still kill an enemy because it didn't stop yet.

* I really hate being unable to scroll left. This causes so many super frustrating situations, not to mention ctrl+F5s. I haven't gotten all the way through so I'm not sure how important this is as a design element, but it really feels bad. (I'm guessing this may be a problem with the procedural generation / looping of the stages.)

* A more minor gripe, but it really annoys me the way the spikes in the hellish area still have hitboxes after they've already fallen.

I don't have much other broader feedback just now as I haven't been able to beat it. Many of my sessions end with being too frustrated with one or more of the above things. I'm also just playing it totally blind, so its Gonna Be A Bit


It was very difficult, but I managed to clear it! I relied on the comments section and external sites for strategies, and after the chicken hatching, I played mostly by looking at spoiler information, but it still took me about 3 hours.

I felt that the disadvantage of having to start from the beginning when you die was very heavy in this game.

However, the fear of not dying made me overly cautious after getting an item that takes a long time to get, and I really screamed when I lost it, and also screamed when it worked out, which amplified my emotions many times over and was a lot of fun!

Thanks for a great puzzle solving action game!

this was so much fun to watch ! thank you for streaming my game :)

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where do i go when i start dreaming? also what button is jump

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fyi riding the dragon out of a pot appears to softlock the game. had sword in hand when i found this out. very cool game but i do not think i will be finishing it

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oops, sorry about that! should be fixed in patch 1.2

so close! that’s brutal

wait how did you go into a pot when you had both dragon and sword? if you go into a pot in hell, you leave, so how did you return to get the second object?






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you can grab kettle without waking up ogre, ignore the little holes to its left and right, you wont fall in

Edit: I fell in :(

Life comes at you fast

anyone know what to do with ogre meat? maybe feed to dragon?

where's a dragon??

don't wanna give it all away but! you can bless a second egg and hatch it

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can't for the life of me figure out how to bless anythin. tried throwin all kinds of stuff in the holy(?) water but no dice
edit: nvm found it by accident. cool! (for others wondering: angels are required)

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haha if you press down and grab at the same time on the bed you fall asleep holding the bed and can take it with you

EDIT: This technique has been patched to be, less effective.

this works for pots too lol

i cant replicate this! seems useful

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it's very precise, i think it's intentional tho since there's a unique grabbing + sleeping sprite for it

EDIT : Okay this is probably not intentional there is some VERY odd stuff you can do by utilizing this technique against the pots

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i can do this too lol, it seems like its same frame press maybe?

edit: haha ok if you take a pot in to a pot, then that pot breaks before you exit it (e.g. you brought a pot in a pot, went to hell, came back, went to hell again, came back) your sprite disappears

the deepest layer of dreaming contains a sword

it appears the sword can be used to slay the ogre to get his Meat, died before i could mess around with it though


just a hypothesis, i think the goal of this game might be to make Breakfast

in Hell you can throw apples to set off the spike traps

If you put a cracked pot inside another pot and then go in it, you go to a lava world!

Theres a giant or troll or some such in there, and he's mad, also another bed, I cant get to it though.

you can pick up the kettle and use it to float up to the bed by putting it down to the right. half the time you can access the bed from the other side too! second bed is like a portable save point

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Hmmm... I think you need to put the egg in the nest, and heat it with the kettle. Do you have to carry the egg all the way through hell, then sleep with it, leave it a nest, die in dream-within-dream, then retrieve the kettle from hell and go back to dream-within-dream? Oof!

EDIT: Can't get the egg in to hell!


this is right, you need to position egg in nest and also have two pots ready to go, so that when you return with kettle the egg is already in nest. kettle runs out of steam so be quick!


put an egg in a pot and then take it out when you’re at the nest with two pots

ok thank you!! I did it!! I put an egg in a pot, brought the pot with another pot to a nest, then went to hell (regular pot in egg pot). Then I brought a pot (i got in hell) to the kettle, brought the kettle in to the pot, then could put the kettle under the egg in the nest! made a chicken that flies! and you can fly right up through the top of the screen...


Tip to save some time: throwing an egg at enemies won't break it, but watch out!

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if you bring a pot within a pot and enter it you reach... hell? a fiery place!

you can avoid breaking the egg by pressing down+x instead of just x

Moving your bed moves where you spawn when you sleep? Maybe this has an application.

nevermind this is false

📯✨ if you die in dream-within-dream, you return to bed in dream layer 1. also if you are holding an object in dream-within-dream when you die, you bring that object to dream layer 1 with you!

I feel like this is the key to getting the kettle back to your egg, but I can't crack it (ha)

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*player musing mysteriously under his breath voice* Hmm, just putting the egg in the nest in the first level of the dream isn't enough. I wonder what it's for? If I bring the egg into the second level and heat it up will that do anything?

📯✨ you can make a chicken!

📯✨ you can put a pot in a pot!