Arrow keys to move.

Z to jump. Press again to double jump.

Hold X to attack.

Defeat Alice and the dragon.

Good luck.

Samples RuneScape, John Wick 2, The Adventures of Star Saver, Alice in Wonderland for Gameboy, and "Beautifully reflective piano - Sparse emotive piano chords - Solo Piano" by YouTube user "Soothing Music".


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974.98 seconds
50 deaths

Good fun! I like the platforming bits as a light, low-stakes way to teach the player how their momentum works before the main event bosses. Toughest bit with the dragon is when it lays homing bullets two rounds in a row. Beat it by getting lucky with a long string of  3-4 baitable green charges at the end without hitting that difficult pattern.

Thank you for this. It was really fun! Some of the attack patterns felt kind of inescapable, but these usually came about when I was playing carelessly.

1657.81 seconds
88 deaths

(1 edit)

I dug this a lot! The bosses and bullets here seem to base their behavior more on player positioning in this one, which means you have to be more careful about where you stand relative to the boss and the bullets. It's cool and thoughtful, I had a good time puzzling out the fights.

(803.39 seconds, 44 deaths)

338.44 seconds

13 deaths

1143.17 secon ds
59 dea ths

It felt like a lot more. That last boss was hard! I really got lucky the time that I won. Don't think I could have persevered if not for the description implying the dragon was the final challenge.

Can't move on from the ''Powered by'' animation

Huh... try force refreshing the page, maybe?

Thanks, pretty sure I tried that before, but this time it worked. Your stuff is great fun!

I got to the dragon boss. I'll come back when I have more time... probably going to set the death HS


10869.24 secs
62 deaths


Nice game!
995.01 seconds
37 deaths lol


393 sec and 12 deaths! Another banger from you. Great tension during the second fight!