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Since the comments are disalbed (on purpose?) on the other game's page:
Take this hint from me:
Never ever accept LOVE from this developer, you will deeply regret getting involved! :O

Good game, but impossibly hard! :O

Several people have beaten it now. I just about did, but got stuck a bit before the end.

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no idea why i write it is hard, but i just beat it in like 16 deaths and about 4 minutes in the first try.
maybe it was cause I thought checkpoints werent working and Id have to beat the game in one go.
but pressing down or up activates the checkpoint which I just learned.

but my point stands, this creator makes some great half-finished games which he sadly abandons then indefinitely :-/
quite a few unfinished masterpieces by this guy :-/

interesesitng video  game.... crazysound design .... intersesting art design ....... strange i like

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Uploaded a vid of my best time.

Totally addicting game and the gentle aesthetic mixed with blazing fast, tight, but simple movement is exactly my shit. Perfection.

124 seconds! This was really fun, thanks for hopping into my stream, I hope this becomes much more popular!

This game was really good. I love the shifting light on the background. great controls and sound n everything!
253.67 seconds, 16 deaths

short n fun :D

Short and sweet, nice work :)

304.21 seconds, 28 deaths. I like it! Very good and beautiful short platformer.

This is a really satisfying short platformer challenge, I had a ton of fun learning it!

403.69 seconds, 45 deaths :)

Pretty neat game, but why does the player have to save the checkpoints by explicitly pressing a button? Why not activate them automatically when touched?


I considered doing it that way, but I think it's a little more satisfying to have to explicitly press a button - like yelling "SAFE!" when you touch base in tag.


It also means activating the save points takes a little extra thought/time, so if you're going for a speedy playthrough you have an incentive to skip some or all of the save points. I think that trade-off is interesting!

this was fun and i loved the vibe, especially the subtlety of the audio. i'm glad i persevered to improve my score, it was rewarding to practice at, just the right difficulty for me and my tastes. here's my final score


Incredible!!! Found this through a retweet and definitely was not disappointed. Poignant and an experience with lots of weight to it. When I finished I literally had to do the math because the 7 minutes that had elapsed had felt like 30 or so due to how well paced the game feels. Mechanically speaking it's incredibly satisfying, I recently picked up a keyboard with mechanical switches and I found myself replaying it due to how satisfying it was to repeat keystrokes and movements, exceedingly impressed with the walljump system, which many games often fall short on (eg, jumps feel too floaty, here they have weight and take focus to pull off, really cool!!!) gave this a five star rating and will probably play again ^^;; sorry if this comment is too long and rambling. Wanted to also say the visual presentation was top notch, especially loved the audio, minimalist but effective.

thank u for the thoughtful words, im glad u enjoyed it !


Very nice little platformer



i cant play